Performa X- Delayed and contoured+ super soft studded condoms

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  • The delaying ingredient extends the climax timings for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Only delayed condom with contour for natural feel.
  • Soft studs increase the vividness of Vagina stimulation for added pleasure of female.
  • Ideal for couples who want to have delayed climax without compromising natural feel.
  • Prevention of HIV/Aids, STI’s (Sexually transmitted Infections) and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Electronically tested.

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Product Description

Designed for giving a prolonged climax of 10-15 minutes in an extremely pleasurable manner. The delaying agent extends the climax and make it enjoyable for both the partners. PerformaX as a delayed condoms has no side effects.

Contouring gives male a natural feel. Get PerformaX to enjoy long lasting excitement with a natural feel.


Product Specification

General       Brand         Klimax

Return        No

Exchange   No

SKU             PerformaX

Vendor        KrestaCorp



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