Male pill – Why are We Still Waiting?


Wonder why we never heard of male pills? We have always heard about female contraceptives pills but most likely a lot of us may have never thought of male pills. Why is that so? There is a wide range of contraceptives available for women including the diaphragm, oral contraceptives (pills), implants, IUD, female sterilization and emergency contraception. If you follow our blogs then you may have read in the past how we have comprehensively discussed, that condom is the most appropriate contraceptive which involves no pain and no side effects unlike other female contraception methods which are to an extent painful and have side issues (how these side effects are manageable that is a separate issue).

In our society, many men refuse to wear condoms and burden the women with the responsibility of using contraceptive methods without giving a second thought what side effects they can cause to their partner’s reproductive health. It is to ponder why every time women have to adopt contraception methods? Family planning is the responsibility of both the partners in the marital relationship. The entire responsibility of family planning does not rest upon the shoulders of the women.

When we talk about contraception methods for men, two methods come in our minds, condoms or vasectomy, the only option available at present to men. A birth male pill for men has cleared the safety tests, experts at a leading medical conference reported.

The once-daily pill encompasses hormones specially designed to block sperm production. It would be a great addition to the male contraceptive methods. But as this pill is going through the scientific tests and procedures, it may take a decade to bring it to the market, reported by Experts.

What if men refuse to take it? When men in our society refuse to wear condoms then they can also simply evade from this birth pill. The reasons could be the same; society. As reported earlier, it may take 10 years span for the physical availability of the male birth pill to market. We can hope that the society things will evolve and change in the coming years.

The creation of a hormone-based birth pill is challenging as It has to be made sure that It doesn’t obtuse the lovemaking drive or recede erections.

How Sperms Are Produced in Men?
Fertile men have their new sperms constantly made in the testicles, sparked off by hormones. However, blocking this effect for a time without bringing down hormone levels to such an extent that it produces side effects is an issue. But this latest male pill, being tested by researchers from LA BioMed and the University of Washington, should hopefully achieve this goal, researchers say.

Erectile dysfunction
Few tests have been conducted on a number of respondents for checking the birth male pill. There were few and mellow side effects. 5 men on the pill stated to have experience mellow reduced sex drive, two stated mild erectile dysfunctions however love making activity was not reduced by any means. No participant stopped taking the pill because of reported mile side effects and all cleared safety tests.
The experts are excited but careful at the same time about the results. One of the Experts stated that results claim that this specifically designed pill which aggregates two hormonal activities in one, will lower the sperm production but preserve the libido but still bigger and extended trials are required to confirm the effectiveness of this pill as a birth control method.

Body Gel
Gladly, this is not the only prototype hormone-based male contraceptive Professor Wang has been testing. She and colleagues have sprung up with a body gel. This will gel will be tested on men in the UK as part of an international trial.

How does it Work?
The users apply it daily to their back and shoulders, where it can be absorbed through the skin. Progestin hormone in the gel stops natural testosterone production in the testicles, decreasing the sperm production to deplete or nonexistent levels while substituting testosterone in the gel conserves sex drive and other functions that depend on the hormone.

Meanwhile, Prof Wang, Dr. Stephanie Page, and colleagues at the University of Washington School of Medicine, have been testing another compound – DMAU – that they believe men could take as an oral daily contraceptive pill.

Moods Disorder After the Intake of the Male pill
Other scientists have been trying delivering longer acting birth control hormones in every month. But they had to stop as men being tested with male pill reported side effects like depression or mood disorders. For those men who no longer want the activity of the hormone for sperm production, scientists are looking a way for them to block sperm flow, stopping it permanently to excrete from the penis- it can be called as a non-surgical vasectomy.

Looks like scientists are really up to inventing male contraceptive pill which is immensely good. Along with male birth pill and gel, they have also developed Vasalgel, a polymer material which is injected into the two ducts that carry sperm from the left and right testicles to the penis. It is being developed as a non-hormonal, reversible, long-acting male contraceptive.

Till now this gel has been tested in animals only but the researchers behind it have lately got funding to start human trials.

Potential market
Prof Richard Anderson, of the University of Edinburgh, is leading one of the UK trials that will test a contraceptive body gel on men.

He stated that although both men and their female partners would welcome the addition of male birth pill contraceptive, the pharmaceutical industry is still behind and reluctant to work on the idea of a new male contraceptive. He believes, maybe the industry estimates not a good potential market for the male birth pill. This behavior shown by the pharmaceutical industry has been the primary reason that such innovate contraceptive solutions have not received enough funding and investment.

Its high point of realization that the world is moving fast, its evolving every day. We need to work on developing new solutions and new ways. Use of contraception has been a taboo in many countries and especially Muslim countries, but all of them have encountered the taboo as they realized in time that highly increased population won’t lead them to development.

We should welcome the new additions to contraceptives and try to understand how significant it is for our people to use contraceptives for controlled population and prevention against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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