If Size Matters- Then in Winters It Shrinks

Thankfully the winter winds have started in Karachi and we love the chilly environment, but to the men out there, the winter doesn’t give good news. Yes, you heard it right. Men in winter get ‘winter penis’. Winter penis is a real thing which affects the love life. Many of you do not know about this, that is why I decided to write a piece on it so that you can get aware of it and do the measures to continue enjoying your love life.

So when there is a drop in the temperature, the penis shrinks. Doctors and sex experts have concluded that in the winter season, the body preserves the heat by sealing the blood vessels on the surface. One of the obvious places, where it happens, is penis as it has a large surface. This confined blood flow causes the shrinkage. A question arises, how much the change is noticeable? Well, the size could be reduced up to 50% in length and up to 30% in girth. This definitely stresses many men out there. Imagine, your size of body part changing in winter, how are you going to feel? That too, when it directly affects your love life.

Physically, it even origins physical discomfort. The limited flow to the penis makes it rubbery which leads to painful friction. This is something from which, the men can’t escape. The shrink penis causes decrease erections and make it difficult reaching to orgasm, which leaves a negative impact on the physical relationship.

One must wonder if the change is temporary or permanent. If you notice, I used the term ‘winter penis’ that clearly indicates that this state of the penis is not permanent. It is temporary which occurs when there is a drop in the temperature.

For your further information, let me tell you that not only there is winter penis thing; there is also summer penis, which means in the summer season, the size of the penis increases, due to the increased blood flow.

Many men out there stress on this condition, as it gives a tough time in maintaining their physical relationship, but they say every problem has a solution. There is not much to worry. Just go into a warm room, or get a nice warm bath and it will be fine. Warm up yourself before the activity; get more blankets so that you don’t miss any sensual moment with your partner. We at Klimax always wish to provide best health reproductive solutions to our customers. One of our best selling condoms, Purple X, a warming condom lubricated with a special warming formula prevents from winter penis. Yes, you heard it right! The warming condom keeps the penis warms, which doesn’t let the penis to shrink. As I have discussed earlier, the penis shrinks due to cold weather, when the penis is kept warm, the cold weather can not affect penis size. This way, the pleasure is not compromised in any way. Purple X lets you enjoy the most intimate and cozy moments with pleasure and love.

We ensure that our readers and customers get the optimum information so that their love life doesn’t get affected. These days, our lives have become so busy and stressful. This activity works out in releasing stress and maintaining a healthy relationship with the partner. We really want that you don’t miss any erotic moment with your partner and enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

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