How Flavored Condoms Prevent Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases- HIV/Aids


It is a common belief that people think HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted diseases spread through intercourse only. Wrong!!! There is a very high risk of getting infected with HIV/Aids and Sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex. It is always recommended to use protection for prevention against HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted diseases during sex, but very few stress upon the need of using protection during oral sex. Major reason behind is the wrong belief of people. HIV/Aids and Sexually transmitted diseases spread through all forms of sex-intercourse, anal or oral.

If we see, condom companies offer a variety of textured, dotted, ribbed, contoured and delayed condoms for giving  people different pleasures to enhance their lovemaking life and protection against HIV/Aids and sexual transmitted diseases at the same time. Wonder what is offered by the condom industry for oral sex? Well, flavored condoms are specifically designed for oral sex to give people eccentric flavors of love and protection against Sexually transmitted diseases.

What are Flavored Condoms?

Flavored condoms are basically the latex condoms which have coatings of different flavors; Flavors as such banana, strawberry, tutty fruity, orange and chocolate etc to impend the lovemaking. They are specifically designed for oral sex. The flavored coating covers the non-pleasing taste of latex and makes lovemaking more sensual for the partners.

How one gets Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

A partner gets Sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex if the other partner is infected with Sexually transmitted diseases. It may be possible to get Sexually transmitted diseases in the throat or mouth from having oral sex with a partner whose genital parts are infected. The flavored condom covers the genital part thus hampering infection to pass on to the other partner. A flavored condom is the only way to save you from all Sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex. They work as good as the other condoms do. Not only, flavored condoms impend the lovemaking but also it protects against the deadly Sexually transmitted diseases.

Lovemaking is an integral part of a relationship but at the same time it is to be taken care of that prevention against Sexually transmitted diseases is necessary for a good health reproductive life.  It is highly important that protection is used every single time one is engaged in this activity.

It is to be remembered that Sexually transmitted diseases spread through all ways of Sexual activity, be it intercourse, oral or anal, therefore it is essential to take measures for the protection against Sexually transmitted diseases. Flavored condoms not only impend the lovemaking moments but also act as a security shield against all the Sexually transmitted diseases.

Why Flavored Condoms?

For oral sex, flavored condoms are best. Regular condoms have latex smell and unpleasant taste which diminish the lovemaking essence of oral sex. Flavored condoms have alluring fragrances and taste, which not only creates a tempting ambiance but also give yummy-licious taste to the partner.

Flavored Condoms for Oral Sex

Flavored condoms are meant to be used only during oral sex or not for intercourse.It’s always better to be well informed about the product that you intend to use. Flavored condoms are mainly used during oral sex as many people do not find the taste of latex pleasing, the coating of enticing flavors make the entire process sensual for them.

If you have been involved in this activity for a while without protection, think about getting yourself tested for Sexually transmitted diseases. The dangerous part about Sexually transmitted diseases is that it does not show any symptoms, so the infected person doesn’t get to know about the disease. If you do not feel any symptoms, there is a probability that you are bearing the disease.

Flavored condoms are the only way to protect you against Sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex. It ensures the sensational lovemaking giving protection at the same time. The flavoring chemicals are safe and do not cause any annoyance to mouth or throat.

With time, a lot of evolution has been made. Science and technology continue to amaze us. Things are changing in a good way and moving towards betterment. Lovemaking has also revamped and so do the condoms! Condoms are designed with the latest technology of contouring and double contouring to give an easy fit. Day by day, alluring fragrances and flavors are added to the condoms to make the entire sexual activity more erotic more ecstatic.

The Research and Development of Klimax has been working consistently to bring more fun for adults. A healthy relationship requires lovemaking, and we at Klimax ensure to make it more exotic for the adults. We offer four tempting flavors, strawberry, tutty fruity, orange and banana which come in erotic red, purple yellow and orange color. Food complaints are used in flavored a condom which makes it safe for licking. If you wish to add excitement and fun to your love life, get an assortment of our all flavors to explore the routes of serene heaven with your partner.


Useful tips for use of flavored condoms for oral sex

  • Know before using condoms how to use them. Read or watch tutorials that will make it easier. Always use the one which gives the right fit.
  • Always check the expiry date of the condom. Do not use if it is impaired or torn. Check before use if it has holes or stiffness.
  • Always get a new condom every time when you are up for the sexual activity.

What May Increase the Chances of Giving or Getting an STD through Oral Sex?

There are many factors which can increase the probability of a person getting HIV or other STIs during oral sex if exposed to an infected partner such as:

  • Having poor oral health which can include tooth decay, gum disease or bleeding gums, and oral cancer.
  • Having sores in the mouth or on the genitals.

Learn that you can only get infected with Sexually transmitted diseases if you get exposed to an infected person. Sadly, It’s not always easy to identify whether you are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases or not. It shows no symptoms. The only way you can know this is to get yourself tested.

Wrapping up, flavored condoms enhance the lovemaking pleasure making it more sensual for the partners. Flavored condoms are the only way of achieving protection against Sexually transmitted diseases. They are designed to be used for oral sex and not for intercourse or anal sex.



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