Why should I use a condom?

Use the condom for two primary reasons; birth control and to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Many people have STDs but they actually don’t know they are infected. They may believe they are STD-free and tell you so, when in fact they aren’t. So, in order to protect yourself from STD and unwanted pregnancies use condoms.

What different variants do your condoms come in?

Klimax brand condoms come in 6 variants, to meet the different needs of the customers. The varieties offered in Klimax are delayed, soft studs, super raised studs, contoured, fragrant, ultra-thin, colored, flavored, warming gel and ribbed.

What is the use of flavored condoms?

Oral sex is pleasurable but can spread HIV/STDs if done without condoms as saliva in mouth can spread HIV/STDs. So it is strongly recommended to use flavored condoms for oral sex protection.

Flavored condoms amend the experience of oral sex with protection against STD’s. These condoms are regular latex condoms with flavor coating. Flavored condoms make the oral sex protective and pleasurable for the couple.  Klimax condoms are available in yummy-licious flavors of orange, banana, tutti fruity and strawberry.

How condoms are busted?

It is to be remembered that the condom breaks or busts if it not worn correctly. For further information on how to wear condoms, you can check our blog:

How to wear condoms

Heat, sun, oils, and chemicals can break the condom. This is why it is important to keep condoms away from heat and light so that they can dry out. Do not use oily products or lotions with a condom, only water-based lubricants can be used. A condom can be busted if it is kept in the wallet where it may be folded. To avoid the breakage, do not use anything sharp like scissors or teeth to open it.

It may happen that the material used to make condoms weakens over with time, which causes it to break. Always check the expiry date of a condom and never buy an expired condom. Condoms can rip off if they are not worn correctly.

Condoms are not designed for anal sex, there is a chance that during anal sex, condom may be busted even if worn properly.

Condoms can also tear if there are too much friction and less lubrication or if a condom comes in to contact with a person’s nails, rings, piercings, teeth or other sharp edges.

What are the timings of Delay condoms?

These days due to sedentary life style and stress, many males face an acute problem of premature ejaculation and weak erection. Our delay condoms are specifically designed to prolong and increase the duration safely by 10 to 15 minutes.

What are the side effects of delay condoms?

There are no reported side effects of using delayed condoms. However, there are side effects of using delayed creams or sprays which cause to lose erection strength and sensation in the long run. Klimax delay condoms, Ultra and PerformaX have no such side effects. Therefore it is recommended to use delay condoms which do not cause any harmful effects whatsoever.

What are contoured condoms?

Contouring is the latest technology in condoms. This feature is added to give an absolute natural feel to love making experience. In contouring the condom snuggly fits the shape of anatomy of penis and gives a natural feel. It is just like wearing a regular glove, you will not be able to move or feel your fingers inside the glove. But if you wear a surgical latex glove you will be able to move your fingers and feel them as the glove tightly fits the shape of your fingers and hands. In that way you will feel the natural pleasure in love making with a contoured design.

You can clearly see in the pictorial that contoured condoms are contoured at the sensitive parts while the other condoms aren’t. This contouring at the sensitive parts of penis, gives a natural feel to the female partner and gives an easy fit to the male.


Many of the Klimax condoms such as Extasy, Extacy Plus, PerformaX, Sensual and Intense are contoured at the sensitive parts, which gives easy fit and make it sensational for both the partners.

What are double contoured condoms?

You can clearly see in the pictorial the difference between the contoured and double contoured condoms. The figure at the right side shows the double contouring at the sensitive parts for added pleasure and natural feel, while the figure on the left shows single contouring at the sensitive parts of penis.

If contouring is near to natural feel, double contouring is closest to natural feel and that is what needed for immense pleasure during lovemaking. People usually hold the myth that condom reduces pleasure, it has been partly true that is why our R&D team came out with contoured condoms so that it can give the ultimate natural feel to the partners. Our ultimate goal is to give pleasure to the couples and pleasure is never to be compromised, as everyone has the right to enjoy the sex life.

What are super raised studs?

Studs are the raised dots on the condoms. Super raised studs are mainly for heightening female pleasure. Pleasure has no gender, be it male or female. As men, females also deserve to get maximum pleasure out of their sex lives. This is why many of the Klimax condoms are super studded like Extacy Plus, PerformaX, Pleasure Mix, Extasy, Ultra, Purple X and Sensual. These studs are delicately raised to increase the vaginal stimulation.

Bigger the stud is more the pleasure is. Our super studs are bigger in size than that of other studs and they are softly raised instead of hard so that they are safe and pleasurable. Pleasure with super studs is more than that of regular ones.

We use super soft studs specifically; hard studs can be harmful to the female and give them vaginal infection. The studs produce smooth friction and arousal for the partner welcoming it, arousing the abyssal sexual response from both the partners.

What are colored condoms?

Colored condoms are the ones which have enticing colors. The regular condoms have a dirty milky/opaque color which doesn’t appeal to the eyes and looks dirty.. We understand this, which is why most of the Klimax condoms have enticing colors, baby pink, purple, red, orange and green to give a sexy look to the condom.

Colored condoms come in different enticing colors to add an aesthetic feel to the condom. Colored condoms can be an amusive addition to your love life. They enumerate some fashion and style to your passion. Visual arousal can play a significant part of the overall sexual experience and work as an ingredient for spicing the things up.

How can I find the right condom for me?

Go to the shop section of our website, to find a complete list of all products. You will find detailed information about every product, which will definitely help you select the right one for you.

Happy Searching 🙂

Are condoms reusable?

No, they can’t be used again. Once you use it, discard it.

I see that Klimax Brand condoms are electronically tested. What does that mean?

Klimax brand condoms go through stringent quality control tests at every stage of manufacturing process in order to make sure that our condoms conforms to stringent international standard. Klimax condoms undergo water burst test, tensile test, air burst test, water leakage and aging test.

Each condom is electronically tested for holes and other defects. Then the condoms are visually examined through a water leakage test. Our condoms are run through independent laboratory analysis and regular FDA inspections from a comprehensive quality assurance program contrived to guarantee safety and product quality.

What is the shelf life of the condoms?

The quality condoms must have an expiration date. Klimax condoms have 5 years life. The expiry date is mentioned on the right side of the package. We suggest that the customers should always check the expiry date before buying the condom.

Is it okay to store condoms in my wallet?

It is not a good idea to keep condoms in wallet. The unused condoms should be placed in their packs in a room temperature dry place.

What makes Klimax condoms so different?

Klimax condoms are specifically designed to enhance the pleasure of love making. A myth revolves around that condoms reduce love making pleasure. It is partially true as there are many low quality condoms available in the market which reduce the pleasure of love making. Using a condom is pointless if you do not get pleasure of love making and feel a barrier in love making pleasure. This is why Klimax condoms are extremely pleasurable and enhances the love making pleasure.

Do you offer thin condoms?

Klimax intense is ultra-thin, which gives sensual pleasure to the love mates. Very thin layer of latex is used to ensure maximum natural feeling of closeness and intimacy.

Are thin condoms just as effective as regular thickness condoms?

Yes, Klimax thin and thick condoms are same. They offer equal protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. They go through the same testing procedures just like our all other condoms.

Is it safe to use condoms in water, under water (shower, bath, hot tub, swimming pool, etc.)?

It is safe to use condom in water as long as it stays on the genital area. It will be equally effective in water as it is in other situations. But it is recommended to wear the condom before going into water.

Can condoms be used with massage oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, etc.?

Klimax condom come with lubrication but for extra lubrication only water based lubricated such as K.L get can be used and no other lubricants should be u sed. Oil based products should not be used with condoms as they will cause it to burst or tear.


Where can I buy Klimax Brand Condoms except from klimaxcondom.pk?

You can easily buy our condoms at retails outlets or chemist nationwide. You can also buy our products online on Condomshop.pk, Yayvo.com and Daraz.pk.

Can you tell me more about the Klimax brand?

For over past 8 years, KrestaCorp has been successfully selling its Klimax brand condoms all over Pakistan. The aim is to give better accessibility and availability of sexual wellness products to the customers. Our R&D department strive for innovation, and design products which fit to the need of every customer. We understand that different consumers get pleasure through different ways, which is why we offer range of our variants. We believe pleasure has no gender, it is for all. Thus we make sure to take our customers to the zenith of sexual pleasure.

Keeping yourself safe from Sexual Diseases

What is an STD?

STDs are infections that are passed from one person to another through vaginal, oral or anus sex. Many diseases come under STDs, among which the most common ones are Hepatitis and HIV/Aids. The latex used in the condoms blocks the transmission of diseases.

What can I do to protect myself from STDs?

To protect yourself from STDs the best way is to use condoms during sexual activity. In many cases, one of the partners is infected with STDs but is unaware about it. So, for your protection, use condoms which are 100% effective.