Cell phones Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Ask yourself if you eat, sleep and breathe your mobile phone. If you find yourself doing it then there is not good news for you. With such increased mobile phone usage, you are harming your reproductive health, mainly making your erectile dysfunction. Before we dig deep into this, let us understand first, what is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is the incapability to get an erection or to keep one that’s firm enough or that stays long enough for a man to have satisfying sensual experience. Many men who encounter this ascertain it to be frustrating or embarrassing or both. The dysfunction erectile negatively impacts the room love life for which the men blame themselves for. This is very much understandable that many problems can be solved and this is one of them, it can be treated with medication, counseling and even simple lifestyle changes, among other treatments.

How do you know if you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Now you know what exactly erectile dysfunction is, it is essential to understand how to identify it.

As I told earlier, erectile dysfunction has a negative impact on the relationship, but surprisingly few men feel comfortable talking about their incapability to maintain or get an erection.

Indications of Erectile Dysfunction

The process of you becoming aroused is not a simple one. Instead, it’s a complicated one. Your emotions, nerves, muscles, hormones, brain and blood vessels all play an abstruse part in male arousal. If any of these lose their lines, some sort of dysfunction can happen. It is significant to remember that mental health holds equally important part as do physical health does in your sexual ability. Stress can make erectile dysfunction worse.

The signs include:

  • Incapability to maintain an erection
  • Incapability to get an erection
  • Lessened need for sex


 Mobile Rays cause Erectile Dysfunction

Two new studies in Austria and Egypt have connected regular mobile phone use to erectile dysfunction. The researchers conceive the damage could be induced by electromagnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate.

Researchers have developed that Men who frequently use mobile phones could be endangering their fertility. Some of the important facts suggest that male fertility across the globe is shrinking. Around 14% of couples in high and middle-income countries have troubles in conceiving. Surprisingly, male infertility is involved 50% of the time.

Studies have found out that the longer men carried powered on mobile phones, the greater the risk of erectile dysfunction. You should avoid keeping the mobile phone in a trouser pocket in talk mode as it may negatively impact male fertility. Many of you don’t pay attention to these minute details which are important for your reproductive health. The more you get the radiation exposure, the more detrimental changes you receive.

For preventing yourself from erectile dysfunction, immediately try to restrict your Whatsapp, Facebook or mobile phone use as research has shown that men who use a mobile phone for more than four hours are likely to be prone to impotency than those who use it for less than two hours.

Mobile Rays may lead to decrease in Sperm Count

Not only the radiation gives erectile dysfunction, but it also decreases the sperm count. It further causes DNA Damage and changes in sperm morphology. Many review studies have indicated that cell phone radiations damage sperms.

The Negative Impact of a Mobile phone on Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a very critical hormone for men trying to conceive a baby. The low levels of testosterone create difficulties for fertilization. Firstly low levels of testosterone are companioned by a low sex arousal and sometimes by erectile dysfunction. Even if all the things appear to be fine, low testosterone may intervene with fertilization by interrupting the last phases of sperm development.

In this digital era, it is essential to be equipped with all the smart devices. However, it is vital to understand that everything in this world has some pros and cons. It is wise to take advantage of the pros and manage the cons for your betterment. Reproductive health is very important and it is your responsibility to take care of it. We at Klimax, endeavor to provide the latest and useful information to our readers and customers so that they can take the necessary measures and maintain their reproductive health.


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