Buying Online Condoms- How to Save Yourself from Embarrassment

Asking from my readers, irrespective of their sex, have you ever bought condoms from shops? Have you felt awkward? I am sure you certainly have. The person intending to buy condoms feels uneasy shopkeeper giving him a mischievous smile or a surprising gaze and the people around him giving glowering expressions as if he is a criminal. The person receiving such chagrined expressions finds himself guilty of some big crime. This is the truth. Talking about condoms is a taboo in our society and a person buying it becomes the victim in the eyes of common people.

As I had to write this piece, so I went out to visit stores to observe myself what actually happens when a person asks for condoms. I believe it is usually perceived that women in Pakistan cannot buy condoms as they are diffident to ask about it. But that’s not true. Not only women but also men, feel the same way while asking for condoms. I personally do not get, what hits people when a customer asks for condoms. Everyone knows its purpose and there is nothing wrong in it, then why give such jeering reactions? Maybe, our society takes a lot of time to accept few things. When men go for buying condoms, they are reluctant to ask for it, they are hesitant and even sometimes, they do not maintain an eye contact with the shopkeeper and just point towards condoms. This even gives power to the shopkeeper for sale at his own price because the customer is not in the situation to negotiate.

The other thing, they buy other products with condoms, so that the shopkeeper or people in the store do not give attention to condoms. This means you have to spend additional money for buying condoms, only for the sake of avoiding harsh human reactions.

You can imagine what females in Pakistan face when buying condoms when gents are facing such sardonic reactions. As I stepped out of my car, I saw a lady going to store, I rushed to see if she was going to ask for condoms. Luckily I was right. But then what I saw and heard was surprising. The shopkeeper saw her bare hands, without any wedding ring or jewelry, and said that he won’t want her baby sister to get condoms easily. He comprehended that she was unmarried and didn’t’ want her to go on the wrong path. I kept pondering over it, and questioned myself again and again why it is so easy for all of us to judge everyone? Indeed, extramarital affairs are prohibited in Islam, but how you can decide that the girl is married or not? I have my friends, my sisters, my mother who don’t wear wedding rings or any particular jewelry which indicates their marital status. A bare hand asking for condoms does not mean that the lady is a sex worker. We should not make assumptions and make judgments.

As we deal in condoms, we have talked to religious clerics, who have shown their concern over this issue. They also need it but they can’t buy it, as their attire does not allow them to do so. They think that people are going to judge them and doubt their credibility. And I am quite sure this would happen. When we go on roads, we see every single person out there breaking the traffic rules, but the moment we saw a Maulvi doing that, we immediately say “isko daikho, Maulvi ko tou aur tameez nahi hai”. We don’t see ourselves, while we are doing the same thing, but we do not expect a person with a beard to do so. Every time, with our judgments and derogatory comments, we make it difficult for people live and breathe.

I cannot say, that just go out, buy condoms fearlessly, and do not care about reactions of people because this is the society we live in. We have to abide its values. But yes, what we can do is, to try to make lives easier for you guys.

Many people overcome this embarrassment with time but many people don’t. And for all those people, online purchasing of condoms is the most convenient option. There is no human interaction, no eye contact thus you can feel free to buy condoms. You don’t have to be shy, the condoms are just one click away from you. You can even browse and choose the condom which suits your needs, which you certainly can’t do at the store. All the products are available with the descriptions which make it super easy for you to choose the condom you wish to use. No need of spending extra money. You will get discounts too. Your order reaches to you is concealed packaging, so you won’t feel awkward in front of your kids or elders.

Cutting it short, online buying of condoms saves you big time from embarrassment which you face every time. Your gender doesn’t matter, feel free to order any time and enjoy the lovemaking moments with your partner

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